Nanaimo Search and Rescue

file trip plan

To complete an AdventureSmart online trip plan click here (the trip plan is not sent to NSAR).

A trip plan should be in writing and include:

  • Who is going with you on your trip?
  • When are you leaving?
  • When are you returning?
  • From where do you plan to leave (trailhead name or coordinates)?
  • Where do you plan to complete your trip (trailhead name or coordinates)?
  • At which locations do you plan to camp?
  • What colour and model of tent will you be using?
  • What is your cell phone number?
  • Will you have another means of communication with you (such as a walkie-talkie) and if so what channel will you be monitoring?
  • Does anyone in your group have special needs (such as requirements for medication, disabilities, relevant pre-existing health concern such as pregnancy or heart condition)?
  • Who is your primary contact not accompanying you on the trip and what is their phone number?

Feel free to contact us here at Nanaimo Search and Rescue and speak with one of our members for more information. Our immediate contact information is and 250-591 3336.  To report a lost or injured indvidual call 911.

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